[Fuck The Zoo!] (evil_aurora16) wrote,
[Fuck The Zoo!]


I had three dreams just now... in one i was somehow signed up for the real world but it was super strict and i kept trying to find places to do whatever it was that was so taboo. but i remember my mom was there and also that they let me go home when i wanted to.

the second dream was about joe finding this picture online of this room in LA which i had apparently been to and some kid won an award for drawing it and my mom and joe and i were looking at the picture and somehow the shadow of my mom's hair made a really beautiful addition to the drawing.

the third dream was about joe's nephew telling me dirty jokes while i was in the back of a van, trying to get groceries out. i remember there was a giant tomato that looked like a pumpkin.

hopefully more will come to me.
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