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You know how I know the new ACE inhibitor works?

I don't understand long journal entries anymore. I think the easiest thing to talk about in length is heart ache or just any romantic anxiety. Whether or not that exists or will exist in my life is irrelevant because I don't even want to discuss that topic publicly any longer. I still want to write something substantial about something. I just can't think of anything anymore.

I haven't really been outside in a while. I mean, I haven't hung out outside. It seems rather nice out today and would be a good day for me to go out but I am perpetually needing to clean because I just always seem to fall asleep before I can pick up the sponge or fold the shirt. I think what I will do is get dressed and open all of the blinds and most of the windows. This place really needs to get aired out.

I'm back on my House, MD kick. It's pretty much all I feel like watching. I've missed most of season 2 so I hope I will remember to watch tonight (on Fox at 8/9.. check your local listings). Perhaps I will record it for Joe. It's nice when everyone in the house is into the same things as you. Well... it's usually nice... sometimes it sucks because you're like "hey, get off my shit, okay?" but this isn't one of those times. It's just nice that I can sit in a car with Joe or my mom and we can listen to Birdhouse in Your Soul and everyone's smiles. And it's double nice that I can sit down with either of them and watch like 3 episodes of House in a row.

Well... that's really all I can think of for now. I am rather tired. Sadly. I'm often tired. I think I need to see a chiropractor/reflexologist.

I'm posting this on myspace too... birds and stones, people.
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