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effin nose.

drinking water is easier than I thought. I mean getting the 8 glasses. I don't know. normally I choose kool-aid over water but lately I don't want anything but water.

Joe made some super good stir fry earlier.

I don't want to drink more water right now because I want to fall asleep and not piss myself.

i hate my bed. it makes my entire life hurt.

my face hurts really bad (yes, it's killing you) especially in the eyes and nose. I have a crappy headache for sure.

I wish I just had a searing pain in one place instead of the dullest grinding pain everywhere.

I hope Kelsi's feeling better. I wish I hadn't been so antsy all day so I could have stayed and talked to her more... but, alas, when every muscle hurts I just don't feel like having light radiated into my eyes.

like right now... I think as much as I can't stand my bed, it's gotta be better than this.

good bye, cruel journal.
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