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I start my new job tomorrow at 10AM sharp but I will probably have to leave around 7:30 or earlier because my borrowing my mom's company's car hasn't happened yet so she has to drive me... or I have to drive her... either one.

Joe's been sick, he thinks he's dying... he's running a fever and he's nauseous all the time. I read to him until he fell asleep. Reading aloud woke me up more than tired me. I'm not thinking about what the book was talking about (anthrax)... I'm more thinking about why I can't sleep.

So basically, right now I'm just doing all of the things I can do now that I had been planning on doing in the morning... like make lunches, pick out my clothes, and straighten the front of my hair (there's no point in straightening the back because it's probably raining tomorrow, so really, there's no point in straightening any of it).

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trying to fall back asleep

I'm trying to fall back asleep so I can wake up at 7 and be rested...

70 things about me

1. Ever been given a ring? I got a ring from my dad... and I got 4 rings from Joe

2. Single/taken? taken

3. What are you listening to? see "[music]"

4. How many times have you dropped your cell today? i dropped my mom's cell earlier

5. I'll make up my own question... uhhh... are you very organized? no but I want to be

6. Things you spend a lot of money on? food, movie rentals, art supplies

7. Three things you ate last? a sammich, a cadbury egg, spaghetti

8. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? hair

9. One favorite song? I can't even think with that question

10 & 11 are missing?!

12. Cell phone service provider: sprint

13. Favorite store in the mall: DQ

14. Longest job held: selling oil paintings?

15. Do you own a pair of dice? yeah probably in storage

16. Do you prank call people? haven't in years

17. Last wedding attended? my aunt Aimee's I believe

18. First friend you'd call if you won the lottery: kelsi

19. Last time you attended church: a few months ago for joe's niece's christening

20. Favorite fast food restaurant? taco bell

21. Biggest lie you have heard? not sure

22. Favorite vacation spot? washington state

23. Where's your favorite place to eat with friends? golden apple, golden nugget, or golden angel

24. Can you cook? yeah i'm pretty alright

25. What car do you drive? usually my mom's Ford Focus

26. Best kisser? Joe

27. Last time you cried? earlier when Joe left for his mom's and i didn't want to sleep alone so I cried.

28. Most hated food? olives and mushrooms

29. Thing you like most about yourself: my social skills

30. Thing you hate most about yourself: my complete and horrible fear of truly embarrassing myself

31. Who's someone who can make you laugh no matter what? kelsi, joe, amy

32. Longest shift you have worked at a job? over 15 hours

33. Favorite movie? rushmore? i don't know... that's what i want to watch right now

34. Can you sing? i think so

35. Last concert attended: i don't even remember

36. Last song sang? some unique chique song probably

37. Last movie bought? who knows!

38. what's with all of the missing ones?

39. Things you never leave home without: license

40. What are you gonna do now that you're done: i'm not done?

41. First dentist's name: dr o'malley i think

42. First CD you owned: spice girls lol

43. Did you have a Furby? nope

44. Do you own more than 3 pairs of sneakers? do converse count as sneakers? if not, then I only own one pair and that's my light up shoes, but if converse do count then i have over 3 pairs, yes

45. Does your birthday ever fall on a holiday? yes

46. Do you own a game system? not personally but joe has a ps2

47. Do you have an MP3 player or an iPod? nope

48. How many uncles and aunts do have? on my mom's side i have 2 aunts and 3 uncles plus 2 in-law uncles and an in-law aunt... on my dad's side i have 3 aunts and 2 uncles and an in-law uncle

49. What was the last book you read? i don't even remember... that's so sad

50. Have you ever had the chicken pox? nope

51. Who was your 6th grade homeroom teacher's name? mrs riley

52. Do you like to read? yes.

53. What are your top 3 favorite movies? uhh i dunno... rushmore, labyrinth, whatever

54. What is your favorite band? uhh they might be giants, bright eyes, or death cab for cutie

55. What are 5 of your favorite songs (not THE 5 favorites)? i'm not answering this

56. Have you ever spent the night at a house with the opposite sex? yes

57. Do you like camping? yes and no

58. If you have a neighbor and they have a dog, what is its name? i wouldn't know

59. What is your mom's maiden name? sloan

60. Have you lived in the same house all your life? hells no.

61. Do you wish you were someone else right now? i wish i was me, but a lot more talented

62. What is your least favorite color? certain yellows gross me out

63. How many times do you wait for the phone to ring before you pick up? once if i'm around and see the phone

64. Do you sleep in your bed? i sleep in the water bed that was here when we moved in

65. Have you ever chased something through your house? joe

66. What are you saving up to buy? a cruise

67. What are the 3 best books you have ever read? i don't know

68. What song(s) do you have on a CD/MP3 player/iPod/computer that people would be surprised that you have? justin timberlake?

69. What movie scared you to death when you were little? child's play

70. Have you ever been rock climbing? indoors, yeah
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effin nose.

drinking water is easier than I thought. I mean getting the 8 glasses. I don't know. normally I choose kool-aid over water but lately I don't want anything but water.

Joe made some super good stir fry earlier.

I don't want to drink more water right now because I want to fall asleep and not piss myself.

i hate my bed. it makes my entire life hurt.

my face hurts really bad (yes, it's killing you) especially in the eyes and nose. I have a crappy headache for sure.

I wish I just had a searing pain in one place instead of the dullest grinding pain everywhere.

I hope Kelsi's feeling better. I wish I hadn't been so antsy all day so I could have stayed and talked to her more... but, alas, when every muscle hurts I just don't feel like having light radiated into my eyes.

like right now... I think as much as I can't stand my bed, it's gotta be better than this.

good bye, cruel journal.
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You know how I know the new ACE inhibitor works?

I don't understand long journal entries anymore. I think the easiest thing to talk about in length is heart ache or just any romantic anxiety. Whether or not that exists or will exist in my life is irrelevant because I don't even want to discuss that topic publicly any longer. I still want to write something substantial about something. I just can't think of anything anymore.

I haven't really been outside in a while. I mean, I haven't hung out outside. It seems rather nice out today and would be a good day for me to go out but I am perpetually needing to clean because I just always seem to fall asleep before I can pick up the sponge or fold the shirt. I think what I will do is get dressed and open all of the blinds and most of the windows. This place really needs to get aired out.

I'm back on my House, MD kick. It's pretty much all I feel like watching. I've missed most of season 2 so I hope I will remember to watch tonight (on Fox at 8/9.. check your local listings). Perhaps I will record it for Joe. It's nice when everyone in the house is into the same things as you. Well... it's usually nice... sometimes it sucks because you're like "hey, get off my shit, okay?" but this isn't one of those times. It's just nice that I can sit in a car with Joe or my mom and we can listen to Birdhouse in Your Soul and everyone's smiles. And it's double nice that I can sit down with either of them and watch like 3 episodes of House in a row.

Well... that's really all I can think of for now. I am rather tired. Sadly. I'm often tired. I think I need to see a chiropractor/reflexologist.

I'm posting this on myspace too... birds and stones, people.
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i think you're pretty updatable

myspace is always either broken or boring... I don't feel like... hmm.. all of a sudden i feel like folding laundry.

okay that's good... my mom's alarm clock just went off, ending her nap.


wow. don't waste my life, me. good bye.
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(no subject)

There are certain times where I don't want to be like Kelsi. which is why i'm staying as far from WoW as possible.

i know i'll have more fun than i am right now and that makes me nervous as shit.

i love you, kelsi, you nerd.


a lot is oing on in my life i guess but why don't you just go look at my myspace... i have an intense urge to make cookies... cut out ones.

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