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I start my new job tomorrow at 10AM sharp but I will probably have to leave around 7:30 or earlier because my borrowing my mom's company's car hasn't happened yet so she has to drive me... or I have to drive her... either one.

Joe's been sick, he thinks he's dying... he's running a fever and he's nauseous all the time. I read to him until he fell asleep. Reading aloud woke me up more than tired me. I'm not thinking about what the book was talking about (anthrax)... I'm more thinking about why I can't sleep.

So basically, right now I'm just doing all of the things I can do now that I had been planning on doing in the morning... like make lunches, pick out my clothes, and straighten the front of my hair (there's no point in straightening the back because it's probably raining tomorrow, so really, there's no point in straightening any of it).

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